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Server & Workstation Management

Server & Workstation Management Replacing a server can be a tricky operation. Many companies find themselves trapped with antiquated technology and no clear path to move their data to newer systems. That is where Incognito CyberSecurity™ Computer Network Migration Services come in to provide the solutions you are looking for. The staff at Incognito CyberSecurity™ are experts at planning […]
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Spam & Virus Filtering

Get the email you want. Block the spam, viruses and junk mail you don’t! Incognito CyberSecurity™ offers the award-winning anti-spam service that saves you time and money by blocking unwanted messages and keeping your system free of adware, spyware, and viruses. Best of all, there is no onsite hardware or software required. Our service blocks […]
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Email Encryption + Secure and Fast

Protect your emails quicker and efficiently! Keep your inbox and your servers free of spam and viruses with the award-winning email encryption/security services.Inbound and outbound email protection. You control who sees your email, if they can forward it or not. See when the email was read and more.You want it branded to your company? We can […]
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Email Archiving & Compliance

Create, Audit, Track Business Records quicker and efficiently! On a daily basis, your business handles countless messages and files that contain essential information for business, tax or contractual purposes. You may also be required by law or by industry regulations to maintain records for a period of time.  It does not matter why, Incognito CyberSecurity™ […]
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Email Encryption

Encrypt your email! Email can travel a long way before it hits your inbox. With our Incognito CyberSecurity™ Email Encryption Service, you’ll avoid prying eyes along the way. It only takes one click and our service encrypts your message when it leaves your mailbox. Only the authorized recipient – with the proper password – can read the […]
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Local Cyber Security Services

We are your best Cyber Security Services/Solutions Provider! Many small business believe they are not target for CyberSecurity threats. While you are a small business, everything that takes place in your business is important, being a small business and having a team like us with you is possible. Here are a few tasks (Cyber Security […]
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Asset Encryption Services

Asset Encryption Services How important is your information? While you can afford to lose a device, may that be a mobile device, laptop, hard drive, flash drive or a desktop… yet can you afford to lose the information within those devices? This is where Incognito CyberSecurity™ comes into play. We focus on Security and Encryption. For Tablets, […]
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Security Threat Assessment

Today is unpredictable… Can you imagine how tomorrow is? Secure networks change often, daily. IT Security constantly evolves to keep up with the latest advanced persistent threats. There are ways to know if your network is secure; Wait for a security breach to take place, risking your business information and your business continuity. A Incognito […]
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Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Do you have a network? Do you have one or more firewalls? Are you aware of how many failed logins your firewall registered last night? Does your business handle private information… Social Security Numbers, Insurance Information… As network complexity, traffic and use are a common event in our business, have you stopped to think if […]
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Mobile Device Management Plus

Mobile Device Management, Administration and Monitoring! Microsoft Windows Apple Device MacOS Have Questions? Androids? One Solution to Control them All! Manage Windows phones, tablets, laptops and PCs from a single portal. Securely provision corporate devices and best of all… Incognito CyberSecurity™ manages your entire fleet of devices! Password rulesImprove security by setting rules with the desired […]
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