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Asset Encryption Services

Asset Encryption Services

How important is your information?

While you can afford to lose a device, may that be a mobile device, laptop, hard drive, flash drive or a desktop… yet can you afford to lose the information within those devices?

This is where Incognito CyberSecurity™ comes into play. We focus on Security and Encryption.

For Tablets, Phones, Windows Computers, Macs… and… External Media (USB Storage)

Smartphones have become the single most carried, most valuable life tool for many people. Often owned by employees, they are personalized, yet have unlimited access to wads of sensitive data.

What happens to that data if the phone is lost or stolen? Is the employee a good corporate citizen who password protected the phone, saved no sensitive materials, and encrypted everything else?
Maybe? Who are we kidding? No, we cannot assume ideal phone security.

And what about iPads and Android tablets? They are nearly as portable as phones but can carry and display data like PCs. Wow, a perfect storm of security risk! And the more tablets get used instead of PCs, the greater the data holdings and the greater the risks.

Incognito CyberSecurity’s™ MSSP Services to the rescue! Encryption, application management, password enforcement, device tracking and data elimination are some of the capabilities that we offer our clients to ensure their business information is secure.

Still the heart and soul of user productivity, there’s more data in desktops, laptops for thieves than any other mobile device. Many businesses fail to comply, leaving customers and employees vulnerable to identity theft, opening the possibility for lawsuits, and allowing sensitive corporate information to escape.

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