Cloud Voice

Incognito CyberSecurity VOICE!

Incognito CyberSecurity™ Voice over IP is a cloud-based unified communications and collaboration platform. It enables users to be more mobile, more productive and share ideas and content through a single system.

Whether in the office or remote, Unite seamlessly integrates all your communication tools – desktop phones, mobile phones, and computers – into one manageable solution oriented around your employee’s needs and work styles.

Desktop Phones

Easy-to-use interfaces, rich audio quality and productivity features
Phones are programmed to work seamlessly with our services
Phones are plug and play, and can be used anywhere there is an internet connection*

Each user receives:

Local phone number with unique extension
Ability to have up to five endpoints
Inbound/Outbound Caller ID
Voicemail box with transcription services
Incognito CyberSecurity™ Elevate Mobile App & Desktop App
Online Meeting with up to 4 participants (30 with Elevate Pro)
2GB per user file share and backup (100Gb per user with Elevate Pro)

Each account receives:

Centralized management of all locations
Auto Attendant with a direct inward dial phone number
Ability to configure up to 10 hunt groups
Conferencing: 200 toll-free minutes / month
Active directory integration for easy configuration of users
Hunt Group reporting
Enable/Disable call recording
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