Email Archiving & Compliance

Create, Audit, Track Business Records quicker and efficiently!

On a daily basis, your business handles countless messages and files that contain essential information for business, tax or contractual purposes. You may also be required by law or by industry regulations to maintain records for a period of time. 

It does not matter why, Incognito CyberSecurity™ can help protect your business and your intellectual property with our archiving, e-discovery and compliance solutions.

Compliance is very important to us, with our services you can access archive messages and documents that can be searched, verified and audited.

Let Incognito CyberSecurity™ save you time, money and potential compliance issues by using our Archiving and Compliance services. We can help you comply with FINRA, HIPPA, and other specific industries.

Here are a few reasons why Compliance is important if you are a HealthCare provider, a Financial Advisor, CPA Firm, Manufacturing, HighTech, Lawfirm.

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