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Many small business believe they are not target for CyberSecurity threats. While you are a small business, everything that takes place in your business is important, being a small business and having a team like us with you is possible. Here are a few tasks (Cyber Security Services) we do for your business.

Scheduled IT Security Audits
Network Penetration Testing
Proactive Monitoring of your Network
Workstation Protection Services including Antivirus, Malware and Ransomware Tools
Perimeter Firewalls around your network
Web Firewall (yes, a software firewall that runs on your workstations and servers)
Application Control and Web Filtering
DLP Services (Data Leak Protection) We monitor your data
BYOD Management and Administration
IT Policies for your business and staff
ISP Support, Management and Administration
Cloud, Onsite, Granular and Image backups
PCI Compliance Services
SIEM monitoring (Offsite) we monitor your network live from our office
EDiscovery Services
Forensic Audits for workstations and servers

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