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Today is unpredictable… Can you imagine how tomorrow is?

Secure networks change often, daily. IT Security constantly evolves to keep up with the latest advanced persistent threats. There are ways to know if your network is secure;

Wait for a security breach to take place, risking your business information and your business continuity.
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Did you know?

Many IT security experts understand the benefits of a layered security model. Instead of employing discrete tools such as anti-virus software, intrusion detection systems, and firewalls, it takes an integrated approach to managing these technologies, augmented with other techniques; we like to include:

Anti-attack software, which includes anti-exploit, an antispam and antiphishing technology designed to disable attacks before they are able to infiltrate the system via email services.
Management of Internet-facing applications built on Java and Flash, which leave the network vulnerable to attack if they are not updated; included in our patch-management services.
Anti-malware, which targets new threats, cleans infections and can detect undesired software, preventing it from spamming users or draining system resources of the entire network.
Anti-ransomware, which identifies and blocks zero-day ransomware before it can encrypt files using specialized technology; we also implement encryption of your files to ensure security at the file level.
Management of network infrastructure, to ensure fully updated and patched Microsoft & Apple products.

We can help you understand what your business needs to stay up to date with security issues, threats.

This will help you prevent any future issues… ensuring User Productivity, Network Performance, and Business Continuity.

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